Profilbild Kevin Baumgartner

Coding is my passion

iOS Development, Webdevelopment, Frontend and Backend Development, ColdFusion and JavaScript




A Website for a 24/7 Fitness Center in Dübendorf

D'Mattehöfler Quartierverein

A website for a local quarterly association located in Kriens

A Website for an Architect in Switzerland

Server Monitoring

A Server Monitoring Tool for Server Admins

Mobile Apps

Dmattehöfler App

The iOS App for the quarterly association D'Mattehöfler \n (only available in Switzerland)

About Me

Hey my name is Kevin Baumgartner. I am 25 years old and i work as a Junior Software Engineer. Since my birth I am blind. I started early to get interested in technology. I spent many hours of my childhood at my computer and playing games. When I was 12 years old I wrote my first bash script. After that I did this for a long time just as a hobby until I started training as an application developer last year. Since then I have already learned 6 programming languages. In my job I often work with ColdFusion. During my free time I like to program with Swift and PHP. My most successful project was a website including business application for a small company. In my spare time I also like to go outside to take pictures and play with my dog.

Thanks to my quick comprehension and my open and cordial nature, I fit in every team and can adapt to the team. Despite my blindness, I can deliver the required services on time and in an orderly fashion. In everyday life I am dependent on my guide dog. He accompanies me to work and back again. He always behaves quietly during my work and does not disturb the working environment in any way. He even often brings a good mood into the day.
Now hopefully the title Coding is my Passion explains itself to you


Java Script


I create Websites or Webshops with actual web technologies

Mobile Apps are my passion i create iOS Apps for Companies and small Organizations

IT consulting for small businesses including systems engineering and software development

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